Security & Safety Products


 * Alternating flash pattern
 * Color: Red/Blue/Amber/White/Green/Red etc.
 * LED, Halogen and Strobe  

Beacon Light

* Xenon, Halogen, Strobe, LED and HID bulb with high brightness
* Large variety of shape, color and different applications are available
* With or without magnetic
* Large variety of shape, color and different sizes 

Other Light Series

 * Body frame weather proof resistant Flash pattern

 * Control on dash board

 * LED, Strobe

 * High intensity       

Mini Lightbar

* Size: Mini and Large LED

* Color: Amber/Blue/Red/White/Green

* With Magnetic   

Speaker & Alarm

 * Shape: Square and round

 * Power: 80- 200 Watts   


 * Different siren tone

 * Hand-held microphone

 * Remote on/off switch box

 * Public address volume control