The First Animal Ambulance Manufactured by First International

animal ambulanceRevealed the zoo in the city of Al Ain for the first ambulance and advanced mobile clinic and integrated to perform operations and save the animals in the state, used for emergency interventions in Safari eye, equipped clinic veterinary Animations includes radiological imaging devices, anesthesia, and your binoculars to conduct operations for the animals, and a dental treatment and a stretcher Medical, a refrigerator for keeping medicines internal screen to monitor the animals.

It includes mobile clinic medical staff veterinarian of a doctor and a technician and a driver, allowing the transfer of animals from safari to the clinic Albitrah.ootoort zoo in the eye of the veterinary services and treatment for animals, and succeeded in treating 587 medical condition of the animals, including 30 big operation during 2016 within the veterinary clinic without the need for outside help, due to the availability of all the necessary hardware for testing different processes and surgical intervention and treatment Muftrh animal teeth and caesarean section and care for newborn animals, and so by the presence of medical facilities to allow the removal of the animals and put them in control even permanently similarity to Chwee.onjeh medical staff veterinarian save the giraffe after the death of the fetus inside her womb after caesarean section and corresponded giraffe to heal and could be born naturally again, as well as to perform other Caesarea to Oryx swastika century process because of a fetus upside down inside the abdomen, while carrying in her womb is a new embryo, also conducted dislocated sprocket process American lion, as well as the operations of the treatment of fractures, deep wounds as a result of large animals struggle with each Bad.oukal Dr. Arshad, director of veterinary services department at the zoo for an eye and a safari: «the medical staff Veterinary Clinic consists of 18 cadres, including five veterinarians highly qualified, and 5 cadres of the veterinary technology, and 5 breeder animals, and 3 lab technician », pointing out that the veterinary clinic oversees the treatment and vaccination of about 3814 animals of all types and factions.

He explained that the park possesses advanced medical isolation of diseased animals or animals exotic garden room for the first time, where they have remained nearly six weeks to conduct examinations and necessary immunizations, and the clinic conducted medical protocols annual medical examination destruction of all animals through blood samples and others and give them the required vaccinations for the disease in Gulf area.