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Since 2002, First International starts its operations in the United Arab Emirates.  First International represents electric vehicles from International brands to serve the Middle East and GCC Countries.  With our complete Facility, Warehouse, Workshop, Fabrication, Machines & Equipment, Technical & Engineering team, Sales team and Customer Care Representative we provide our customer with quality products and best maintenance and after sales services.

First International is the United Arab Emirates source top quality electric golf cars and carts.  First International has a wide range that will meet the needs of the various businesses that utilize our commercial vehicles.  We represent the strongest brands in the electric golf car business. 

Taylor-Dunn, Columbia Par Car and E1-Car all produce the highest quality electric cars by providing an after service guarantee that is world class.  Our mechanics are trained specifically to ensure optimum performance out of all our products.

Taylor-Dunn electric vehicles that are commonly seen in airports, malls and factories are products of First International.  Personal Carriers, Commercial Vehicles and Burden Carriers, are other top quality electric vehicles that First International supplies.

Columbia electric golf cars are designed environmentally friendly.  With zero emissions coming from our vehicles are carbon footprint is virtually nothing.  This also allows our carts to have "smart power".  With decades of practical experience our power systems are the most intelligent in the world.  The easy maintenance allow for any issues to be resolved and fixed quickly.  With our designers focusing heavily on the ergonomics of the golf car, you can be assured of a very comfortable ride at all times.

The E1-Car is a strong contributor for First International stable of strong and reliable products.  The E1-Car has been established since 2004 with the culmination of advanced German technology and in accordance with International standards.

The E1-Car's body is made up of special PP automobile material, featuring fashion, beauty and durability.  Due to the unique style, quality, spare parts, annual maintenance, and after sales support the E1-Car brand has grown in notoriety both with their clients but also international markets.

First International encourages customers to brainstorm with them to create new ideas and products. With the ability to deliver custom made products there is no job too big or too small for First International.